Change Agents

Change Agents

A weekend full of conversations and resolutions, in one of the wildest regions of Italy.

A two-day itinerary, backpacking, along trails, spending the night in mountain shelters. To rediscover the magic of nature, to slow down the pace, to review priorities.

Experience tells us one of the best approaches for quality thinking is to disconnect while surrounding yourself with interesting people.


Friulan Dolomites, Alpine Bioregion.

We will move into an abandoned territory, where nature has regained control after the collapse of civilization due to uncontrolled growth and exasperated extraction.

Find out how to get here. Details when registration is complete.


. To understand how to develop visions, plan strategies, to take part in building a better future -one small step at a time.

. To reflect on our role, our design limits, and to understand how to deal with wicked, complex and intractable problems


Mornings and afternoons will be for short work sessions alternating with long walks. In the evening, in the shelter, we will share stories and build relationships, while cooking and enjoying a frugal dinner in excellent company.


. 29th-30th May 2021

. 19th-20th June 2021

. 4th-6th September 2021


The retreat is open to social innovators, designers, researchers, professionals, entrepreneurs, administrators, students, all those who want to explore a design approach to the socio-economic and ecological problems of the contemporary.

Good physical health, minimum training, and hiking skills with adequate mountain clothing and trekking equipment are required (see below).

The retreat is limited to 5 participants.


. 2 days (one night) of excursions, with walks of about 4 hours a day and overnight stay in a mountain shelter

. Short seminars in nature and exercises for personal reflection and planning; to be carried out both individually and in groups

. Dinner, with local products, to be cooked together in the shelter

. Individual online session (30′) within 90 days of the event


Trekking shoes, backpack with cover, sleeping bag, at least 3 liters of water (we will find more at mountain springs if necessary), energetic bars, mountain clothing with a full change of clothes, jacket, emergency blanket, whistle, light/torch, camping lunch kit with bowl and cutlery.

Food planning is important when hiking. We suggest stocking up on products that are easy to digest, nutritious, and not bulky: wholemeal bread, dried meat, fresh and dried fruits, chocolate, light cheeses, legumes.

Extend your stay

We recommend spending a few more days in the region. Friuli is a land of rugged mountains and placid sea, on the border with Austria and Slovenia. From the wild Friulian Dolomites, across the mild Eastern Hills, down to the wonders of Trieste: a fascinating mix of Slavic, Germanic and Italic traditions, from language to food, to architecture.

Small print

All participants are required to sign a release form.

Please read the Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policy carefully before proceeding.

For more information and advice, please get in touch.


Drop a line, telling us who you are, what you are working on or plan to work on, why you want to come, and when.

We will respond within 72 hours to confirm availability or not. If confirmed, you will be redirected to a payment page. After payment, you will receive all the necessary information on how to reach us.

Do you want to enjoy an exclusive shelter?