How to get here

How to get here

To reach this corner of the Friulian Dolomites we recommend an ecological and relaxed journey. Make the most of every minute, enjoying little things, slowly entering the right headspace to join us.


If you come from abroad, direct international trains connect Munich, Salzburg, Vienna, Zurich and Paris with Venice (a few also stop in Pordenone). High-speed and long-distance national trains stop in Venice (a few also stop in Pordenone).

From Venice (or Pordenone), take a regional train to Sacile. Here, you will find the connection to Maniago. Upon exiting the Maniago station, you will find daily buses -except Sundays- for Chievolis (or Tramonti di Sopra, stop “Redona – Ponte Racli – SP54”).

From Pordenone there are also some direct buses to Tramonti di Sopra or a dozen ones to Maniago – from where you can continue as described above.

No alternatives?

If you can’t avoid a flight, consider traveling with an airline that offers emission reduction programs. Major carriers – including Lufthansa, Austrian, Brussels Airlines, KLM, British Airways, Delta, Emirates that fly regularly on VCE – offer fare options to offset your impact on the environment. In all cases, make sure you travel in Economy and use direct flights to lower per capita emissions.

If you are flying to Venice (VCE), reach the Venice Mestre train station (bus or taxi). Take a regional train to Sacile and follow the directions above.

If you fly to Trieste (TRS), reach the train station via the pedestrian walkway. Take a regional train to Sacile (sometimes you will have to change trains in Udine) and follow the instructions above.

If you fly to Treviso (TSF), reach the Treviso Centrale railway station (bus or taxi). Take a regional train to Sacile, and follow the directions above.

Please note that the journey time to / from VCE, TRS and TSF can exceed 3 hours, depending on the connecting times.


Retreats’ participants will receive detailed information on the places and times of the event. For more information, always check train and bus timetables.