The Meduna Valleys Community Project

The Meduna Valleys Community Project

The upper basin of the Meduna river (which includes the Silisia valley, our target territory) has a declining population, with an ever-higher average age. No industries or artisans, with sparse productive activities. The camping -the largest in the Friuli mountains-, the nursery and the primary school -albeit subject to recent energy requalification- have closed in 2019.

However, the arrival of new, young residents attracted by calmness and nature, the interest of external experts, and the success of some cultural initiatives have rekindled the interest of locals.

With Moreno Baccichet e Ivan Provenzale, residents, local administrators, entrepreneurs, second-home owners, all gathered in informal co-design workshops. They’ve started by sharing their needs, experiences, and knowledge, with the ultimate goal to develop regenerative projects for places and communities.

At first, the group decided to focus on the fundamental and complex theme of water: from the support to the local committees already engaged in the re-discussion of hydroelectric concessions, to the movement for the reopening of the camping (you can still help us by signing the petition), to the cultural and entrepreneurial ideas that emerged from individuals and groups during the workshops.

in a second phase, a synthesis was sought between the ideas discussed in the first workshops, the aspirations of local governments, and the works already underway. This resulted in more than 30 projects, varying in complexity.

Priorities are currently being set based on an analysis of needs, risks, and returns.

Project in progress

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