Designing today the world of tomorrow

We are against exasperated extraction and uncontrolled growth. We believe in responsible management and living well. Inspired by art, led by design.

Metropolis, illusions, and money are behind us. We live in an old stone house, surrounded by fruit trees, in an abandoned valley. We believe that, where the current development model does not thrive, new abundances will occur. The inner and mountain areas, first marginalized then exploited, have the greatest opportunities for regeneration.

Our gaze is to the next twenty years: to the climate emergency and the predictable diaspora of entire continents; to the probable labor, food, and health crises; to the necessary and aggressive choices for energy saving and efficiency. Unprecedented challenges, which we continue to underestimate, and that are impossible to face with the values ​​and models that prevail today.

New fair and healthy societies can be built in the unity and uniqueness of territories, with the power of small and well-organized communities, surrounded by priceless natural wealth. Simply respecting and regenerating local traditions and culture, qualitatively repopulating the empty spaces, bringing new stories and knowledge, and stewarding our commons.

We try this in every project. We share it in our retreats.