Staligial, a seventeenth-century pastoral settlement now uninhabited, is among the last traces of civilization before entering one of the wildest and most fascinating areas of the Friulian Dolomites.

Here, in the old school, we want to open an international lab for social innovation and territorial regeneration. A research, development, and training center on new forms of work in vulnerable contexts. A small workshop, to craft material and immaterial production, and to give practical and unconventional training in preparation for the challenges ahead.

Our small symbol of resistance to neglect and a place for building future hopes. A space for discussion on new territorial and organizational policies: with courses, debates, creative residences for professionals, artists, and activists but also small events and convivial moments for the tiny but very present population of nearby hamlets and second homes.

Rehabilitating the school will bring locals and externals to dialogue, it will create an outpost to observe, study, and collaborate in the recovery of the settlement and its surroundings. The first steps in our long-term program for the regeneration and repopulation of the Silisia valley.

Project in progress

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