Territorial regeneration outpost

Staligial, a seventeenth-century pastoral settlement now uninhabited, is among the last traces of civilization before entering one of the wildest and most fascinating areas of the Friulian Dolomites.

Here, in the old school, we want to open a laboratory for design, science, and the arts as drivers of social innovation and biodiversity preservation.

This is our first, small symbol of resistance to abandonment and a place for building future hopes: our goal is to grow, with current residents, new residents and outside experts, an ecosystem of people and natural subjects in balance based on: frugal, circular and shared economy, thrifty and hyper-local production, and participatory democracy.

stalìLab is education, artistic production, scientific research, design, and management of the commons; through seminars, debates, readings, exhibitions, residencies, courses, recollection, or chitchat.

The facility consists of two classrooms – “Atelier” and “Salotto”-, a small guesthouse, services, and a garden. “Atelier” is creation and construction: here professionals and students work to help transform the area. “Salotto” is study and dialogue: here the new community is nourished and amalgamated.

The main part of the building is currently being renovated thanks to the efforts of the Tramonti di Sopra municipality.

For more information, to visit or to join us:

Donations helped fund the acquisition of more than 1,000 books for the future library, furniture, accessories, and materials. Do you wish to contribute? Please donate as much as you can to our IBAN: IT 95 I 06230 12501 000015382578