Designing today the world of tomorrow

We are against exasperated extraction and uncontrolled growth. We believe in responsible management and living well. Inspired by art, led by design.

The worsening of the climate emergency is pressing, with the possibility of increasing migratory movements, and consequent labor, food, and health crises. We require new ways of managing natural and relational assets.

It is where the current development model does not thrive that future societies can more easily be built. In the inner and mountain areas, first marginalized then deprived, there is little left to lose. Here, with biodiversity stewardship, expressiveness, and planning, we want to subvert today’s prevailing paradigms. Winning the spaces of forgetfulness and abandonment back, re-evaluating nature, investing in culture, putting technologies at the service of creativity.

We want to pursue this starting from a very small, deserted, and wild valley, on the edge of the more exploited Dolomites – the Silisia Valley. A territory with a peculiar history: anomalous overpopulation, intensive exploitation of resources, contraction, and then collapse under the technological promises of hydroelectricity. We are looking for spaces, people, and relationships to reflect on what has been, to preserve and relaunch what remains, and to attract new, young inhabitants to shape a better future.

Ours is a 20-year vision, hyper-local but connected to other places, communities, dreams. We put it into practice in our projects. We talk about it in our retreats.