Vulnerable contexts, visions, solutions

We follow immersive, participatory, and iterative processes. We value the uniqueness of the territory and the replicability of approaches.


We observe, we interview, we live the everyday life of a context. To know and understand real needs from the inside.

We build trusting relationships and we promote good practices.


We involve everyone in the design activities. To enhance hidden needs and skills.

We resolve conflicts and define a common, creative and concrete direction.


We test the most promising ideas with their beneficiaries. To improve them and arrive at the most effective solution.

We prepare development plans and monitor the results over time.


Imagine the future of a valley in design workshops for new forms of entrepreneurship.


Renovate a mountain school to start a territorial research and development center.

Do you care about forgotten places, difficulties within your community, need help building a better future? Get in touch