The In Campo

In Campo

The first action in the valley, once the pandemic had passed, was a movement workshop held both indoors and outdoors. The aim was to explore the feeling of the body in relation to others and the territory.

An attempt was made to recreate a primordial sense of community through the principles of contemporary dance and the practices of cultural anthropology. Thanks to simple movements linked to the sensory perception of one’s own body and that of others, we experimented with alternative listening and connections to ourselves and to the environment in which we are immersed.

The workshop, held in and around Chievolis, lasted 12 hours divided into 6 meetings. Each meeting, lead by Giovanna Rovedo, was structured as follows:

. part 1 – the body is prepared for work. It is warmed up and awakened, the group connects to work together in space.

. part 2 – we experiment with tools that already belong to the human being through daily experience such as weight, space, sensoriality, tactility, instinct and relationship. In this way it is possible to make small personal discoveries and deepen the bond with the group.

. part 3 – dedicated to collecting and reworking the insights gained during the workshop. The work of the session that is coming to an end is used to bring some extemporaneous guided creative experiments to life.

In collaboration with SOMSI Dodismala, and with the support of the Municipality of Tramonti di Sopra.

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