Time to time

Time to time

The idea of ​​a first reflection on the symbolic value of the former school of Staligial was born while waiting for the renovation of the building to start.

With a long-lasting participatory performance, we want to create a visual work made of the contributions of passers-by who are willing to share their feelings about a place that will be open and welcoming to everyone.

In the hope of strengthening the community and its visitors around this commons, we will discreetly embrace the thoughts of those who want to reconnect with this space. We hope to get a rough indication of who comes here, why, but above all what they feel and consequently what activities we could imagine for them.

On the first visible wall of the building, the longer side of the teacher’s flat, we have provided simple instructions to participate. Those who wish to take part can indicate their name, origin, reasons and feelings about their visit.

Once the renovation work will begin, the portion of the wall dedicated to the performance will be preserved: it will be the evidence of a new beginning 50 years after the closure of the school and it will allow us to continue collecting, thanks to new contributions, the evolution of feelings about this place.

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