Village little libraries

Village little libraries

We have always believed that books are instruments of relationships. A community that reads and shares multiplies the possibilities for human, cultural and social growth – it becomes more open to dialogue and the confrontation of ideas, more united and cohesive.

To counteract the impoverishment of the mountains, which is first and foremost cultural, we have focused on making access to books less difficult and more informal even in this sparse and remote archipelago of humanity that is the Silisia valley.

We built four small display cases for free consultation and exchange of books, to be installed in the small squares of the hamlets, near benches and drinking fountains. The small wooden “houses”, graced by small flower beds to accompany the structure, contain books of all kinds and for all ages; with a special focus on children’s literature. The equipment of each little “house” is completed by: simple instructions for use; a notebook to note down messages from users and simple travellers; small everyday objects available to anyone who needs them. Each little “house” is designed so that it can also serve as a poster space for posters of local activities.

Users of the ‘village little libraries’ can take books to be read on site, in picturesque places in the surroundings, or more comfortably at home. Once the books have been read, they can be returned to any of the display cases in the valley, exchanged for one of their own, or left at certain establishments in town (to date Libreria ‘La nâf spaziâl’ in Maniago and Osteria ‘Ai Compari‘ in Pordenone)

In addition to the books in the 4 libraries, there is a small archive of texts, which ensures periodic circulation between cases, replacement, and enrichment of what is available to readers.

In the coming years we want to:

. make reading a community, relational, inspirational practice for the few residents

. enhancing reading-friendly environments, in village silences, in the wilderness, at the refuge of one’s second home

. also through public readings, bring those who do not participate in cultural life, often children and the elderly, closer to reading

. promote interculturality by also offering foreign language texts in an area rich in visiting emigrants and foreign travellers

. associate microservices (e.g. notice boards, local maps, objects) to increase the value of the ‘little library’ place.

Realized thanks to the contribution of Banca 360 FVG, the Municipality of Tramonti di Sopra, and the Municipality of Tramonti di Sotto. And with the support of the Magnifica Comunità di Montagna Dolomiti friulane, Cavallo e Cansiglio, SOMSI Dodismala, Ortoteatro Soc. Coop, Polisportiva Val Tramontina, Ass. Cemont

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